TCSG Health and Safety and Cosmetology Techniques

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TCSG Health and Safety and Cosmetology Techniques

Continuing education and training are vital aspects of salon maintenance and of protecting clients and ourselves. The State of Georgia has mandated that most salon professionals complete continuing education in order to renew their licenses. This course will fulfill the required content related to bloodborne pathogens, decontamination and infection control, and the properties of skin and skin diseases and disorders. In addition, information regarding the impact of violence and human trafficking and exploitation in the salon/spa will be provided. Salon and spa professionals can play an important role in identifying victims of abuse and/or trafficking and helping these people get help.

Courses Included

  • Georgia Cosmetology Curriculum Update

  • An Overview of Hair Color

  • Makeup Application Techniques


This course is designed for all Georgia salon professionals required to complete continuing education.


  • Paragon CET Staff
  • Leah Alberto
  • Georgia Department of Adult Education

About the Sponsor

The purpose of Paragon CET is to provide challenging curricula to assist professionals to raise their levels of expertise while fulfilling their continuing education requirements, thereby improving the quality of service to their clients.